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A song written in 2005 about what is going down in 2011!

Into the Silos

Making love
Under silos
Trapped above
What do I know?
Whispering sweetest secrets
For all the World to hear
It’s live on television
Intimacy revealed

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One should not underestimate the narcotic effect of Survior (first episode aired in 2000) and the simultaneous dumbing down of MTV which began phasing out video programming at about the same time. By 2008 MTV was only playing 3 hours of music videos in their 8 hour rotation. Now MTV is mostly know for The Tom Green Show, Jackass, The Real World, The Osbournes, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and in 2005 and 2006 they upped the ante with favourites such as 8th & Ocean, Laguna Beach, my Super Sweet 16 and Viva La Bam but to name a few.

Get Rich or Die Tryin’: Fittie’s Crib

The most damaging show produced by MTV in the context of the Financial Crisis has to be MTV cribs, on the air since -you guessed it – 2000 – an obscene glorification of the excesses of wealth targeted directly at teens and young adults, many of which would now be on Wall Street pursuing the Cribsyian Dream of living in mansions and having an endless stream of wealth and not enough time to spend it. The MTV generation have become the footsoldiers of Bank CEOs and upper management, so desperate for fast and easy wealth that they will gladly sell their fellow Americans down the river to obtain it.

Despite the development of ground breaking dramatic series on cable that have arguably trumped film and novels as the de facto fictional narratives that inform the masses, the damage done to the collective conscience of America by the putridity of reality television and it’s toxic parade of venal celebrity seekers, wealthy exhibitionists and overall crudeness as entertainment is coming home to roost. Twisted by pathological narcisism, a critical number of Americans have been duped into believing that their destiny was in home ownership which could then be leveraged to obtain the luxurious lifestyles of those people, from all walks of life, that they saw reflected on television – when they could shift their attention long enough from their navels to see it.

And this is not to blame the citizens of America. It is their leaders, across the entire spectrum of American life, that have failed them. Breaking up the banks and regulating them is just the beginning. Repairing America’s soul will be the real challenge.. And my apologies to those who don’t see themselves at all in this post. You are many. But don’t you feel like you are losing the battle?

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