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A song written in 2005 about what is going down in 2011!

Into the Silos

Making love
Under silos
Trapped above
What do I know?
Whispering sweetest secrets
For all the World to hear
It’s live on television
Intimacy revealed

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FromĀ Jim Rickards Discusses Financial Warfare: by Tyler Durden

Some critical insight from Rickards in terms of European geopolitics is the following: “People get so hung up on economics, and efficient markets, and all that which has been largely discredited at this point. But these are NATO allies. Greece controls the ceiling of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, they have a very robust military budget. Same thing with Spain. Spain’s been a very important NATO ally throughout the cold war, Italy etc. Can you imagine if during the cold war the Soviet Union had undermined all the countries, it would have been the start of World War III. And yet we are letting investment banks do the same thing. We are letting investment banks undermine the finances, cast doubt on the credibility, create civil unrest, riots, death. It’s the kind of thing that in a military frontal assault would be repelled, but somehow we let Wall Street attack the countries and do nothing about it. I am glad that someone is finally standing up, and I expect that Merkel will be joined by others. I am not against speculation. Let speculators put up some money, let them do on an exchange, let the pricing be transparent, let them do variation margin… This no money down shadow credit default swap market is completely destructive.” A little hyperbolic but you get it.

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I’ve read in a number of places that nothing should be done to break up mega banks and to expose the fraud that has become the cornerstone of the American political and economic systems because it is too risky. Which is to say it’s too difficult to put the genie (i.e. “Fraud”) back in the bottle.
Should BP give up on trying to fix the hole in the bottom of the sea that’s spewing black death into the Ocean because it’s extremely difficult and expensive to pull off?

This Financial Crisis is one of the greatest man made disaster ever unleashed. The Collapse of Lehman was the Deep Horizon toppling into the sea and the obstructionism on Capitol Hill is equivalent to just sitting on the shore and sipping mohitos while waiting for the slick to devastate the shore.

It would seem that the oligarchy has no qualms whatsoever about hanging Civilization as we know it over the Abyss of financial ruin by its ankles, I’m starting to think that sky’s the limit on what these people are willing and capable of doing. (more…)

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Anyone who’s seen Casualties of War (1989 w/ Sean Penn and Micheal J. Fox..look it up) knows that war sucks.

It is to no one’s great surprise that the Wikileaks video of Young Americans giggling as they waste people has created an uproar of aghast commentary online… This piece in the NYT is a good counterpoint.


I too was taken aback when I read the transcript of the offensive words. I haven’t seen the video but I don’t have to. I own Modern Warfare 2 and so I know what it feels like to have the power to terminate the enemy with impunity from afar as if playing a video game. And believe me, the current state of gaming technology really delivers a visceral experience that gives one pause. The thrill of being a virtual soldier is always tempered by a lingering discomfort: I can’t help but think of all the souls that have been dispatched in such a manner. The fact that the visuals of the game so accurately reflect the Youtube videos that began to surface a number of years back depicting the realities of modern warfare really adds to the experience. And make no mistake, the discomfort helps define the thrill. It is a guilty pleasure. It’s complicated. And so is this whole business of warfare. (more…)

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Lieutenant colonel Brian Christmas should lighten up. He says that blasting Taliban with Metal is “inappropriate”.

On the contrary Sir. Heavy Metal IS a weapon and should be used as such. It aggregates the seething frustrations of disaffected youth (see Kill ’em All by Metallica, 1983) and concentrates it in a beam of sound so fierce and disturbing to medieval ears that “insurgents lay down their arms”.

I suppose liquifying Taliban into pink mist with 30mm cannons from the comfort of a gunship would be more appropriate?

The U.S. Military is spending billions developping invisibility suits, long range stun guns, ground based lasers, everything and anything to neutralize the enemy from a distance and yet they turn their backs on the most pottent weapon of all: Teen Angst!


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