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This is a very compelling, and wordy, commentary at http://www.Zero Hedge.com on how complex systems, in their lead up to catastrophic collapse, behave much like Avalanches.   To contain the devastating release of energy contained in a snow ridge, avalanche control experts launch mortars into areas they measure to be unstable, before they become a bigger threat.  Yet despite their best efforts, not all catastrophes can be avoided as the tipping point of Avalanches is still not completely measurable and controlling them still involves a lot intuition and experience.   Likewise, this commentary speculates that the Lords of Finance are scarred senseless by populist backlash at the Banking industry and are thus themselves launching the mortar of an SEC case against Goldman Sachs to purportedly avoid the entire Ridge of public opinion to be released upon them.  The problem is that with avalanches catastrophic collapses occur despite the ski patrol’s best efforts since the science of what triggers these collapses is still not completely understood.   The trigger, or tipping point can occur in random, innocuous areas of the physical network that keep the mass intact.   The article explains better than I do.

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