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Jesus and Christ were twins!!
What a great concept for a sequel to Dead Ringers. I’ll gladly direct if Cronenberg is not available!

From a book review in The Economist: http://bit.ly/bNsmFV
“Philip Pullman addresses the apparent separateness of his subject’s divinity and humanity in a far more provocative way. Brought up by a clerical grandfather, Mr Pullman is a declared adversary of organised Christianity and is best known for his bestselling children’s trilogy, “His Dark Materials”. As he tells the Gospel story, Mary did not have one son but twins-a gifted but pious and humble one called Jesus and his more calculating and sophisticated brother, Christ. Observing his modest sibling, Christ concludes that the story needs to evolve in certain ways if the wandering faith-healer’s work is to become the basis of a world religion. In the end Christ colludes with his brother’s death and helps, directly and indirectly, to construct a new narrative about his resurrection. When the disciples meet their risen master, it is really Christ they are encountering, not his twin, Jesus.
Many Christian readers will recoil in horror at Mr Pullman’s plunge into heresy. But he is wrestling with the same question they are: how divinity and humanity could co-exist in the founder of their religion. Thomas wondered about that, too.”

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