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A song written in 2005 about what is going down in 2011!

Into the Silos

Making love
Under silos
Trapped above
What do I know?
Whispering sweetest secrets
For all the World to hear
It’s live on television
Intimacy revealed


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It’s gonna drop soon…within a week or two….don’t know what it’s going to be…the eruption of Mount Katla? Another huge crash in the markets? California hit by a 10.5? All of the above?

This is just a gut feeling… I mean there is so much going haywire these days that I’m hardly the next coming of Nostradamus if I prove to be correct on such a vague timeline (as oppsed to predicting next Tuesday at 3:44 GMT) but I’ve had these feelings before….the last one was before the Flash Crash and the one before that was a week before the Tsunami in 2004….

I did not have any premonitions about the Lehman collapse, but then again people who were very well placed to see it didn’t either….

Guess I’ll just mix myself another Mohito and sit back and wait for the show….

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A tasty excerpt from an illuminating analysis of


Peak Oil and Peak “Cheap Oil”  by Erik Townsend that I found at www.chrismartenson.com. A very credible argument that explains why oil might very well make it back to $200 a barrel but is not likely to go much higher as that is the price point where governments of oil producing nations are likely to begin nationalizing oil producing assets and controlling energy markets as a matter of national security…  It seems bad enough for oil… Haven’t seen anything yet about the coming water shortage crisis… And lets not forget that California is due to sink into the Pacific any day now… Do you believe now in the deadliness of the future?

The Excerpt:

Market force vs. Military force

One of the strongest arguments made by Peak Oil speculators is that prices will rise in large part because emerging economies (particularly China) are industrializing, radically growing their vehicle fleets, and generally likely to create enormous new demand for decades to come. On its face, this is a sound and well-reasoned argument and the fundamentals in those countries strongly support this conclusion. But this argument assumes that oil prices will continue to be set by a free-market supply and demand system. I think that a dangerous assumption.

I’m convinced that as Peak Cheap Oil arrives, a series of peak oil price shocks will cripple developed economies, including the United States. (more…)

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I’ve read in a number of places that nothing should be done to break up mega banks and to expose the fraud that has become the cornerstone of the American political and economic systems because it is too risky. Which is to say it’s too difficult to put the genie (i.e. “Fraud”) back in the bottle.
Should BP give up on trying to fix the hole in the bottom of the sea that’s spewing black death into the Ocean because it’s extremely difficult and expensive to pull off?

This Financial Crisis is one of the greatest man made disaster ever unleashed. The Collapse of Lehman was the Deep Horizon toppling into the sea and the obstructionism on Capitol Hill is equivalent to just sitting on the shore and sipping mohitos while waiting for the slick to devastate the shore.

It would seem that the oligarchy has no qualms whatsoever about hanging Civilization as we know it over the Abyss of financial ruin by its ankles, I’m starting to think that sky’s the limit on what these people are willing and capable of doing. (more…)

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Read The Discount Rate Mismatch

This is very enlightening post by Statsguy, a frequent guest contributor to the Baseline Scenario, that explains why we are at a critical point in economic history.  The entire system is so far in debt that there is no painless way to get out of it.  What would you be willing to sacrifice so that the historic theft of wealth on Wall Street gets justly punished?  Your retirement?  Your pensions fund?  Your home?  And don’t think that Canada would be immune.  Despite having avoided the worst of the 2007 phase of the Financial Crisis, it is far from over and if the U.S. collapses in earnest, there will be nowhere to hide.  This is one of the greatest challenges humanity will face and it is intimately connected to controlling climate change and wether or not the 21st Century descends into the blood bath that was the 20th.   If we chose to continue with more or less the same system… then we will likely pay a nasty price.

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Music by Speedhair
Words by Paul Wyndale

Comet tails and cosmic rays
These are things that make me worry
Earthquakes and giant waves
No longer extraordinary
Endless wars
Decades of strife
Dismemberred boys the price of Glory
Plague is coming
Millions dead
You just might live
But you’ll be sorry!

Double Deuce!
Double Deuce!

Mudslides and hurricanes
These are things that make me worry
Forest fires, famine, drought
Can we do enough?
Is this the point of no return?
The global toilet overflows
You can point the finger

Double Deuce!
Double Deuce!

Who’s your daddy now?
Moses, Jesus or Mohammed?
Keep the golden cow
Flip the bird to the Holy Spirit
Scream five times a day
Off your knees it’s time to kick it
He, It, She can’t save you now
Cast adrift on a dying planet

Double Deuce
Double Deuce

I reckon weza people are gonna die!

Earth!… What a shithole!

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Then follow @CERN and receive tweets about Large Hadron Collider activity. Be amongst the first to know that our planet is about to dissolve into a black hole that was supposed to be so small it would instantly disappear.

Keep in mind that Quants, the greedy eggheads that went to Wall Street instead of #CERN also sold the idea to otherwise intelligent people that housing prices would never -EVER- drop!

Finding the Higgs Boson is the risk free ponzi scheme of Quantum Physics.

Beware! The biggest bubble of all these days is inflated with hubris.

Just saying…..

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