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Hooray I’ve upgraded my blog so I can post audio.

This is a song about free-riding and the general lackadaisical state of culture in 2006 when the song was written… The forgotten displeasures aren’t so forgotten at the moment, but if some observers are correct Big Finance will be back to its usual tricks within a few months. I sure hope not.


Tearing up the highway with the wind your hair
The only way to travel is to not have a care
You’re free
It’s fair

Didn’t build the road, don’t even know where it goes
Just another passenger who already knows
We’re free
So there

Young rockets red-lining the plains
Forgotten displeasure remains
The sun sets exhaused, in pain.
Why does anything happen?

Sailing past the shifting poles, albedo effect
Blackened pools of water, blackened pools of neglect
We’re free.
It’s fair.

Flight to distant places on a wing and a prayer
Sensational sensations are increasingly rare
We’re free
So there.

Buried in sunsets. Estranged.
Young rockets red-lining the plains
Chasing our homes on the range.
Why does anything happen?

The sun sets in hues of deranged.
Forgotten displeasure’s domain.
Young rockets red-lining the plains.
Why does anything happen?
Anything happens.
Does anything happen?
Everything happens
For you.

Music: Speedhair
Lyrics: Paul Wyndale

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