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Read THIS by Barry Ritholz from his blog The Big Picture

My 2 cents?: Most of us can still live a decent, even prosperous life under the rising Neo-Fascism (Government for Corporations by Corporations) that is quickly becoming the Newer World Order, The New Normal, whatever you want to call it. But please have no illusions that we live in a free society anymore in the sense that we have long been led to believe. Maybe a bit more so in Commonwealth countries with Parliamentary systems but even they are generally kowtowing to the Global Corporate Interests. If you think all is fine in the world and that you want things to continue as they are.. Fine. But then you are a fascist. No big deal. So long as you don’t rock the boat all will be fine. All hail The Corporations!! Consumption has set us free! Congratulations on a job well done. As you were.

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