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Okay so this was intended as a meditation on the Evil nature of facial hair…but the evil dudes of the 21st Century are more likely to have receding hairlines or be bald than have whiskers (Bernanke’s Beard being the exception)…

But beards and moustaches sure seemed to be the way to go for the infamous dictators of the 20th Century…


Words and music by Paul Wyndale
Performed by Speedhair

It’s so Evil.
Evil! Evil!
It’s so Evil….

Hitler’s Moustache!

You can’t get away.
You can’t get away.
You can’t get away wearing…

Hitler’s Moustache!

You better run like hell.
Run, run, run like hell.
You better run like hell from…

Hitler’s Moustache.

Run, run, run.

By his moustache possessed.
It was only a test. (bis)

Run, run, run.


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