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Then follow @CERN and receive tweets about Large Hadron Collider activity. Be amongst the first to know that our planet is about to dissolve into a black hole that was supposed to be so small it would instantly disappear.

Keep in mind that Quants, the greedy eggheads that went to Wall Street instead of #CERN also sold the idea to otherwise intelligent people that housing prices would never -EVER- drop!

Finding the Higgs Boson is the risk free ponzi scheme of Quantum Physics.

Beware! The biggest bubble of all these days is inflated with hubris.

Just saying…..

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It may sound like an awkward translation of AC/DCs “Highway to Hell” into Chinese but no…that’s Hedge Fund Manager James Chanos commenting on the current state of the Chinese real estate bubble which back in January he described as being 1000 times Dubai.


Are we ready for a financial Chinese downhill?

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