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It’s gonna drop soon…within a week or two….don’t know what it’s going to be…the eruption of Mount Katla? Another huge crash in the markets? California hit by a 10.5? All of the above?

This is just a gut feeling… I mean there is so much going haywire these days that I’m hardly the next coming of Nostradamus if I prove to be correct on such a vague timeline (as oppsed to predicting next Tuesday at 3:44 GMT) but I’ve had these feelings before….the last one was before the Flash Crash and the one before that was a week before the Tsunami in 2004….

I did not have any premonitions about the Lehman collapse, but then again people who were very well placed to see it didn’t either….

Guess I’ll just mix myself another Mohito and sit back and wait for the show….

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