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It’s taken awhile but here’s “Hawaii” a short film I wrote, produced, directed and edited in 2005. I worked very hard to get it on the festival circuit but to no avail. I did get it into a France/Quebec short film festival in Trouville, France where it won the prize of Best Quebec short, the first and only time in the festival’s 10 year history that an English language short won that distinction.

I also received a call from one of three Toronto International Film Festival programmers, two weeks before the 2006 edition, to explain to me how much they LOVED the film but alas could not fit it into their festival’s program. That was a hard blow as any film that makes it into TIFF is more than likely to be invited to a dozen festivals around the globe which is very helpful in getting a film career started. I did, however, manage to license it to Moviola, a short film tv network in Canada which has broadcast it a number of times.

Anyway, hopefully posting it to my blog and occasionally reminding people to swing by and have a look will get it seen by a few more eyeballs. If you like it please feel free to pass it on to any producers you know that are looking for fresh talent.

And without further ado: “Hawaii”.

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