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Oil is not well in the Gulf of Mexico…Ten Bucks the damn thing will be spewing into the gulf again before Hallowe’en.


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A MUST read for those who think the coming Apocalypse will be all bad. Relax. There’s’a silver lining!


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The Eyes Have It: Why Iris Scanning Rules

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This creeps me out. Full Stop.

The End of Privacy in the City of Leon Mexico

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An excellent review of how Canada is positioned to withstand the brewing economic shit storm. Prognosis…Better than most..but not without significant economic pain. A must read for smug Canadians!

The US Economy: A Canadian Leading Indicator

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The 18th Century brought us The Enlightenment. The 21st Century?: The Great Infantilization

Who Elected Me Mayor? I Did

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Targeted marketing based on internet data collection by the likes of Google and Facebook seems all so abstract and harmless if not downright convenient! Wait til they start reporting you to the authorities because the nastier habits you brag about to your friends on Facebook or the human weaknesses revealed in your “personal” gmails suddenly no longer conform to the proto-fascist governments that WILL come to power in the aftermath of economic disaster…

Read the following to learn more about Google’s perceptions on privacy…

WSJ Privacy Series Raises Questions on Google’s Power

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When you stop and think about it, why would the wealthy Elite who hold the reigns of power give more of a flying fuck about the small people than they did 300, 1000 or 2000 years ago? In many ways our civilization is dumber and more unskilled than its ever been thanks to over specialization. When all the things we take for granted – electricity, the Internet, cellphones, affordable gas and food – are no longer freely available but only accessible to the most wealthy who tow the Elite line, don’t you think things will get a little hairy?

This is a great summary of how we are being robbed blind by our faithful leaders:

Everyone loves money. Even people like myself who abhor the abuse of money and commerce, who understand the fraudulent nature of the system we live in, still work hard and save so that we might attain a sense of stability within that system. Many people see money as a focal point to their existence. But is it really money that they are after, or is it something else entirely? In truth, money represents ‘security’ in the minds of the masses. Money affords us the ability to survive, and the more of it we have, the safer we all feel. Because we subconsciously associate the extension of our very life with the variable health of the economic structure in which we live, we tend to become unwitting devotees to its continued existence, even if it is corrupt and condemned to failure. We gullibly deny the system or the currency that supports it is doomed to the contrary of all evidence because, even though it has beaten us bloody, we have never known anything else.

In light of this entrenched way of perceiving things, especially in the U.S., it is difficult enough to convince some people that the economy is in fact not providing the security they desire, but is actually destroying their future completely. To explain to them that this is deliberate, that the economy is designed to self-destruct, that is another prospect altogether.

Many people hit a proverbial wall on this issue because they simply cannot fathom that certain groups of men (globalists and central bankers) view money and economy in completely different terms than they do. The average American lives within a tiny box when it comes to the mechanics and motivations of finance. They think that their monetary desires and drives are exactly the same as a globalist’s. But, what they don’t realize is that the box they think in was BUILT by globalists. This is why the actions of big banks and the decisions of our mostly corporate establishment run government seem so insane in the face of common sense. We try to rationalize their behavior as “idiocy”, but the reality is that their goals are highly deliberate and so far outside what we have been taught to expect that some of us lack a point of reference. If you cannot see the endgame, you will not understand the steps taken to reach it until it is too late.

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Really? Who would have thought? Does no one remember the 50s? A shit film is a shit film no matter how many dimensions it has? This is part of why economic growth in the West is hitting a wall. There simply aren’t any new technologies that are of very much use to anyone beyond brainless entertainment products. We’ve come to the end of what electronic devices have to offer. Watch for growth in the experience industry….farming school, rock school, film school. We’re all gonna spend our time and money boring each other to death with amateur offerings. The West has become the domaine of adult children who refuse to grow up and take some responsibility for the vacuousness of their ambitions. Where are the great social projects that will rally societies for a common cause? Where is the wow factor these days? Nothing impresses anymore other than quaintness. The more childish and impetuous the entertainment the better. Nothing’s’shocking even though the degree to which our World is being run into the ground by a global corporate kleptocracy continues at an excelerating rate.

Why worry say the young. They are hopeful about the future despite that their propensity for group think and status seeking is exactly the kind of listless uncritical thinking that is paving the way for the tyranies of the 21st Century as these highly optimistic youths realize just how deep in shit they really are when every source of information they depewnd on collapses under the weight of global economic collapse. Until then the World is just one giant fucking techno party for the children of the global wealthy while the middle classes wither away and the poor lose all hope and starve and succumb to disease as their shanty towns get destroyed by natural disasters.

When the shit hits the fan as it most certainly will, in one form or another, people will rally around the powers that offer them security no matter the cost in personal freedoms of expression. That is when the world will wake up. When it will a punishable offense to discuss such things online or in public. And the lessons of the past will once again be completely forgotten and after a long, dark age of technological medievalism, learned again.

The idea that anyone thinks 3D has a future in the current political economic morass is evidence enough that our society could very well be beyond redemption!

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Average jobs created over the last 6 months: 37 000. At this rate it will take 19 years to replace the 8.4 million jobs lost since September 2008. Now that’s one hell of a recovery!

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