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Oil is not well in the Gulf of Mexico…Ten Bucks the damn thing will be spewing into the gulf again before Hallowe’en.



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A MUST read for those who think the coming Apocalypse will be all bad. Relax. There’s’a silver lining!


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The Eyes Have It: Why Iris Scanning Rules

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This creeps me out. Full Stop.

The End of Privacy in the City of Leon Mexico

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An excellent review of how Canada is positioned to withstand the brewing economic shit storm. Prognosis…Better than most..but not without significant economic pain. A must read for smug Canadians!

The US Economy: A Canadian Leading Indicator

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The 18th Century brought us The Enlightenment. The 21st Century?: The Great Infantilization

Who Elected Me Mayor? I Did

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Targeted marketing based on internet data collection by the likes of Google and Facebook seems all so abstract and harmless if not downright convenient! Wait til they start reporting you to the authorities because the nastier habits you brag about to your friends on Facebook or the human weaknesses revealed in your “personal” gmails suddenly no longer conform to the proto-fascist governments that WILL come to power in the aftermath of economic disaster…

Read the following to learn more about Google’s perceptions on privacy…

WSJ Privacy Series Raises Questions on Google’s Power

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