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Dying of Money

A MUST READ. The degree to which the general population is ignorant, yes, ignorant about what money is and how it relates to inflation, deflation and hyper-inflation is staggering. Do you ever really wonder why it is that money loses value over time? The time value of money is a human construct, nothing more. And the humans who created this system and passed it on to their heirs, who defend it come hell or high water, do not have the common good in mind. If they did, the Bible would not have been written to keep them in check.

The idea of living through a hyper-inflation scares the bejezzus out of me but is at the same time exhilarating. There are many opportunities to be had when an economic order collapses as the Strong are cut down to size and the Meek allowed to flourish.

Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations



Prologue: The German Inflation of 1914-1923

1: The Ascent
2: The Descent
3: The Gains and Losses
4: The Roots
5: The Great Prosperity of 1920-1921
6: Politics
7: The Lessons
Act One: The Rise of the Great American Inflation
8: The War
9: Grappling with Stability
10: The Great Prosperity of 1962-1968
11: The Inflationary Syndrome
12: Culprits and Scapegoats
13: The Open Questions
Interlude: The General Theory of Inflation
14: Welcome to Economic Theory
15: Prices
16: Inflation
17: Velocity
18: Aggregate Values
19: Real Values
20: Government Debt
21: The Record Interpreted
22: Money
23: The Creation of Money
24: Depression
25: The Economics of Keynes
26: Inflationary Economics
27: Interest and the Money Wealth
28: The Economics of Disaster
29: The Crux
30: Taxes
31: American Taxes
32: Government Expenditure: The National Dividend
33: Employment
34: Investment and Growth
35: Dogma
The Last Acts: The American Prognosis
36: Act Two, Scene One: President Nixon Begins
37: Act Two, Scene Two: Price Controls and Other Follies

38: The Way Out
39: The Way Ahead
40: Democratics
41: Political Reorganization
42: Self Defense
43: Self Defense Continued: The Stock Market
44: A World of Nations
45: Interscript

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Get out.. a group with a proposal on how to live sustainably!

The Holigent REvolution for Economic Security, Peace and Sustainability

I give them credit for trying. Problem is there will always be people who want to lead, people who don’t mind following, but more importantly, and here is what I think humanity has suffered from the longest, people who want the power to lead and all the bling that it entails but none of the responsibility. ¬†It’s this last group that screws it up for everyone else since they are the ones who masterfully ¬†manipulate human nature and pull the wool over the eyes of those who ARE natural leaders and come closest to Plato’s idea of Philosopher Kings.

This is what Jesus was trying to convey to people… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…

If we can’t get what I will bluntly call “assholes” to start thinking about the greater good, then they win… until all is destroyed and then the Meek shall inherit what’s left of the Earth… and so the story will begin anew…

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