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As the ECB and US Congress continue to kick the unexploded debt bomb down the road, in ever more expensive yet shorter distances, do we need any more proof that humans, despite their seemingly limitless imagination and ability to “innovate” are, in the end, no smarter or dumber than any other biological population on the planet (and likely in the Universe). Greed is, at its root, a relentless and instinctual drive to satisfy basic needs in a world of scarce resources.  We are no different than the humble zebra muscle, who, once introduced into the Great Lakes unopposed by predators, proceeded to cling on to everything that moved and claimed it as its own.  When it comes to Homo Economicus Ignoramicus, one has to wonder if Louis Pasteur is in some way more to blame for our current problems than cheap oil as our apparent triumph over one of Nature’s favourite regulatory schemes has contributed greatly to the physical expansion of human markets thus putting unsustainable pressure on the resources critical to our survival as a species.

Goldman Sachs and their ilk may very well be doing “God’s work” in setting up a co(s)mic end game that will see a massive cull of the World’s population opening the way for the “Elites” to return to that extravagant lifestyle which allowed the Greeks in the first place – what with all that slave labour and free time to hang out in togas, think and get naughty with young boys and all – to bequeath unto us the mess that is Democracy.

Democracy flourished in great part thanks to democratic governments’ ability to make good on their debts to bankers compared to Monarchs and Despots.  Think about that for a minute. Is not the crux of this present Mother of All Crises that the Money Lenders refuse to take responsibility for their credit-creating largess and expect the puppet governments whose strings they pull to use their arsenals (emphasis on arse) of men and machines (paid for with credit of course) to collect on debts that, to any rational, ethical, human being would have been obviously un-repayable from the get-go?Methinks that War is not politics by other means. It is banking.

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