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A song written in 2005 about what is going down in 2011!

Into the Silos

Making love
Under silos
Trapped above
What do I know?
Whispering sweetest secrets
For all the World to hear
It’s live on television
Intimacy revealed

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Welcome to the Wyndtunnel

Writing is the hardest thing for me to do.  I have so many ideas in my head but I dread the research that is required to back them up and so I tend to almost never write anything down.  So this blog will be my half-baked impressions of the World.  It will focus on the things that fascinate me which are:  the financial crisis, the nature of the Universe, the deadliness of the future and the horrid, horrid state of the music and film industries…

I’m working on my first actual post but I’m finding it difficult…of course…. I’m hoping that by trying to contribute something on a daily basis that it gets easier… I’m not so sure about that but I’m going to try…

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